Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Mistress Molly wanted some money urgently and she knew this guy had it. But he was a miser and he did not want to lend it to her even when she promised to pay it back with interest. So the desperate mistress used her sneakers to humiliate him. She had him lick her soles and her dirty socks too and it reached a point he agreed to give it to her.

Lady B loves eating sausages and she had a few for breakfast. But she got full and she did not have anything to do with the one that remained. So she used her sneakers to crush it and to create a mess on the floor as she did so. She was least bothered about cleaning up as her maid would do that. So she concentrated on having fun with food crush.

This mistress wanted her slave to learn that she was not messing around so she used her sneakers to send a message to him. The mistress did not want to keep punishing him and so she chose to humiliate and dominate him to find a lasting solution. He was made to lick her dirty soles and he had no choice but to do as the mistress instructed her. And he got the message.

This guy was vulnerable and goddess Chanel knew it. She took advantage of it and humiliated the loser cruelly. She got him to lick her sneakers and her feet as well. She sat back and gave him instructions on how he was to do all of those things. The guy was shocked but he could do nothing about it so he did his best to do what he was asked.

Madame Marissa and her boyfriend gamble a lot. They do it for all types of reasons. Today they had a bet and she won it. She was allowed to make him do something crazy as long as it was not brutal. So she got him to lick and sniff her sneakers as well as her socks, both of which were stinky. It was a lot of fun for her but not for him.

Mistress Alisa was pissed at her slave and she wanted to show him the price he had to pay for his mistakes. The mistress sat back and she watched as her slave cleaned her sneakers clean. When he was done, she asked him to wash his mouth and she made him lick her bare feet as well. Finally, she slapped the shit out of him before she allowed him to leave her presence.

Princess Kitty had gone for a long walk. She was exercising as well as clearing her mind. And since she had a lot of time on her hands, she went for a long walk. And when she came back, her feet were sweaty and her shoes were stinky. And in that state, she used them to humiliate and to degrade her slave for not following the instructions she had given him earlier.

Princess Serena knows how to have fun. It does not matter the situation she is in, she will always find a way to have a good time. Today she had dirty shoes and socks. But instead of rushing to clean up, she sat down and she got her slave to lick them. He had made a mistake and she took advantage of it to have a little fun at his expense.

These mistresses wanted to show how naughty they were without showing off any skin. So the mistresses used facial expressions as well as their sneakers to do it. They knew it was a daunting task but they were up to the challenge. The mistresses had a great time doing it in the train and they had a lot of fin in the process. They made many guys turned on by making gestures with their feet and their faces.

This mistress loves her sneakers and she wanted to wear them today. But her slave had not cleaned them as well as she had hoped he would. So she had no choice but to get them clean before she wore then as he was not in the house at the time. She wore the sneakers and she used his clothes as rugs to wipe her shoes until she felt they were clean.

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