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While she was taking a walk, this mistress got distracted. She found herself crushing things for fun and she did it with her sneakers. She had a good pair on her and it was able to crush all the things that she wanted crushed. It was fun and a good distraction for her as she had a lot on her mind that she wanted to deal with. It was better than she had expected it to be.

Goddess Mia had an issue with this guy. He was wrong but he did not want to be corrected. It was something she had noticed about him and she did not want him to continue down that road. That is why she went out of her way to do something about it. The guy was made to lick and smell her smelly sneakers. He could not do anything about it.

When this mistress wanted to put this girl in her place, she did this with her sneakers. She had the girl lick her sneakers while naked. And when she was done doin git, the mistress had the girl lick and chew her socks before she stuck her foot in her mouth and foot gagged her. The girl nearly choked and she nearly threw up but the mistress did not care.

Mistress Kim and lady Nora wanted their sneakers licked and they did not care what the guy did. All they wanted was for him to follow their instructions and lick their sneakers as well as their feet in addition to their asses. Once he was done with all of that, they did not have any beef with him and they let him go. He struggled but he managed to do it.

Goddess Pio needed to send a message to this guy and she did it with her dirty sneakers. It was a lot of fun for her and she enjoyed herself thoroughly. The mistress crushed his face with her dirty sneakers, had him lick them clean and before she was done with him, she used her bare feet to trample him a little more. It was worth it for the mistress.

Queen Marie wanted to humiliate this guy because he was a pain in the ass. She wanted to ensure that he stopped being a pain in the ass. That is why the mistress and her friend used their sneakers to humiliate him. He realized that his days of doing what he wanted were over so he changed and he did things the way the mistresses wanted him to do them.

When this mistress chose to humiliate this guy, she used her sneakers. She ensured that her sneakers were dirty before she used them to dominate the guy. The poor guy thought it was a joke but for the mistress, it was not and she was pissed about it all. She had to ensure that she humiliated the guy like never before and that is why she insisted that he licked them clean.

Goddess Lena wanted to degrade this slave because she had an issue with the way in which he did things. The mistress did not want to give him another chance as she was sure that he would mess up. So she crushed and humiliated him in a way he never expected. The mistress made him lick and smell her socks and her sneakers to torture him and make him learn.

Mistress Nicole needed to degrade this girl and she did it using her armpits and her sneakers. She was doing it because she was fond of wearing her sneakers without her permission and she felt that it was not right. So she punished her by forcing her to lick her smelly armpits as well as chewing her stinky socks. The girl had to lick the soles of her sneakers before she was done with her.

Goddess Kayla wanted to scare her slave because she loved doing that to people for her own fun. She also wanted her slave to be scared because she was sure that he would be more obedient and focused if he was scared of her than if he was not. It was a lot of fun as she described what she would do to him using her sneakers as well as socks.

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