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Lady Scarlet wanted her landlord to know that she did not like some of the strict rules he had instituted. She had to make him mellow down a bit but she knew when it came to formal negotiations, he had the upper hand. So she had to try a different approach and she waited and cornered him in a public place and she head crushed him with her sneakers and made him reconsider.

Lady Nastya was bored of the different ways in which she used to punish losers and she felt that a change was due. She had to do it by herself and she had to come up with something she felt would be befitting. She chose to use her sneakers to do it. It was fun and she had to give it a try today. So she summoned this loser and had a great time turning him into a sneaker slave.

Goddess Pio needed to send a message to this guy and she did it with her dirty sneakers. It was a lot of fun for her and she enjoyed herself thoroughly. The mistress crushed his face with her dirty sneakers, had him lick them clean and before she was done with him, she used her bare feet to trample him a little more. It was worth it for the mistress.

Queen Marie loves to degrade and to dominate. That is what she did to this guy today and she made sure that the guy would never mess with her again. The mistress used her sneakers to put him in his place by forcing him to lick the soles of her sneakers. She talked shit to him and warned him of worse if he did not cooperate with her. So he did.

Queen Marie wanted to humiliate this guy because he was a pain in the ass. She wanted to ensure that he stopped being a pain in the ass. That is why the mistress and her friend used their sneakers to humiliate him. He realized that his days of doing what he wanted were over so he changed and he did things the way the mistresses wanted him to do them.

Mistress Anastasia wanted to make this guy learn to stay in his lane and she made sure that he did by making him clean her sneakers with his tongue. The mistress did it slowly and enjoyed dominating him for fun. She had no doubt that he would learn his lesson and that he would never mess with her again. He apologized after she was done with him and she let him go.

Mistress Avril was pissed that her girlfriend had lied to her. She felt that it was a big deal as her friend knew her stand when it came to lying. That she had done it deliberately was not ok with her and she had to punish her for it. So she forced her to lick her sweaty and smelly sneakers which she did with a little protest. She never lied again.

Mistress Maria wanted to dominate this slave because he was not attentive. He had to be punished because his lack of attention was detrimental to her and he was supposed to work with minimal supervision and as few errors as possible. The mistress used dirty sneakers to trample the heck out of him and make him not only apologize, but drop that habit immediately. They never had issues after that.

Mistress Katherine was doing something serious but this guy tried to distract her. She asked him not to but he did not listen. He went on distracting her and it got to a point it pissed her off and she had to take out her anger on him. She forced him to lie down and she trampled him with her sneakers to make him understand never to distract people who did not want to be distracted.

Mistress Zephy wanted to make this guy cry and that is exactly what she did to him. The poor guy had thought that it would be something light and not very painful. But he was taken aback when she did it for a very long time and she made sure that it was a painful thing for him. He cried real tears before she felt that she had to stop.

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