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While she was taking a walk, this mistress got distracted. She found herself crushing things for fun and she did it with her sneakers. She had a good pair on her and it was able to crush all the things that she wanted crushed. It was fun and a good distraction for her as she had a lot on her mind that she wanted to deal with. It was better than she had expected it to be.

Lady Nastya was bored of the different ways in which she used to punish losers and she felt that a change was due. She had to do it by herself and she had to come up with something she felt would be befitting. She chose to use her sneakers to do it. It was fun and she had to give it a try today. So she summoned this loser and had a great time turning him into a sneaker slave.

Mistress Diana was tired from the office. When she got home, she noticed that this girl had not finished her chores and had been lazing around. The mistress was so pissed at her that she had to punish her. She did this by forcing her to lick her smelly feet and to lick her sneakers as well. The scared girl did it while she pleaded with the mistress to forgive her.

Lady Shay wanted to scare her slave shitless so she did it with her shrinking threat. The mistress described what she was willing to do to him with her sneakers to teach him a lesson he would never forget. The mistress could tell that her threat was working and she was satisfied that the slave would never disobey her or do anything she did not approve of because he feared what she would do to him.

Lady Fenja had advised this guy but he had ignored her. He acted as if he knew what to do but he did not. The mistress was pissed that he made an obvious mistake because he did not want to do what she had instructed him to do. He had to face the consequences of his actions and that is why she kicked him in the balls using her sneakers.

Madame Marissa and mistress Nora were bored and on their agenda for some fun was to humiliate a loser. And this guy happened to be around when they decided to do that. He was turned into a sneaker slave and he was made to lick their sneakers as well as their feet. He could not say no as he risked worse humiliation from them. He had to cooperate for them to let him go.

Mistress Saida had an issue with her sneakers slave. He had been making a lot of mistakes recently and she had to punish him for it. That is why she went out of her way to humiliate him and torture him by ballbusting him. He had to feel the kicks on his nuts and as he did, he cried out in pain. She let the pain go down a bit and she had him lick her feet.

Mistress Molly had dirty sneakers and dirty socks. She did not hesitate to use them to scare her slave as she knew that she had to act quickly if she was to get him to change and do things her way. He was new and he did not seem to be adapting well and she wanted to make the process easier. So she made him lick her socks and her sneakers both of which were dirty.

Goddess Mia wanted to find out what sort of person this guy was. She did not want someone uptight so she used her sneakers to test him. She asked him to give them some good loving and even worship them. She smoked her cigarette as she watched the guy do his thing and she loved how good he was at improvising despite the fact that he had never tried what she was asking him to do.

When she came home in the evening, mistress BlackDiamoond had a sudden urge to dominate someone. And she felt like doing it to the loser using her sneakers. She did not have someone to do that to and so she plotted how to do it and when she had everything figured out, she went out in search of the person to do all those things to because she felt that was the easy part.

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