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Queen Marie loves to degrade and to dominate. That is what she did to this guy today and she made sure that the guy would never mess with her again. The mistress used her sneakers to put him in his place by forcing him to lick the soles of her sneakers. She talked shit to him and warned him of worse if he did not cooperate with her. So he did.

Mistress Ann needed to tame this loser and she did it with her sneakers. The mistress was wearing her sneakers so all that she did was to have him kneel down and lick the dirty soles of her sneakers. It was not optional for him and he had to do what the mistress asked him. The humiliation made him learn to respect and obey her at all times to avoid being punished.

Mistress Valentina had an issue with her slave and she felt that he did not know his place and that was not ok with her. So she came up with a suitable plan to deal with him. She had to put him in his place and she did so using her sneakers. He was turned into a sneaker slave and had to lick them and smell them according to her instructions.

Lady Shay felt that only trampling this guy would change anything. She had tried to talk to him but it did not seem to help. So she had to come up with an alternative way of doing things and that is why she painfully trampled him. To make it even worse than it already was, she trampled him with dirty sneakers. He had to lick them too before she was done with him.

Mistress Melissa wanted to show this guy how useless he was and so she took selfies as she humiliated him. He was licking her sneakers and he was scared of her. That is why he obeyed all her instructions and commands. He knew she would do something even crazier than making him lick the soles of her sneakers. That is how he ensured it did not get worse than that.

Mistress Tamara felt that time was not moving and she had to find a way to kill time. As she looked around for what to do, she came across a pine cone and she did not hesitate to trample it for her own fun. The mistress enjoyed crushing it for fun and she killed the time she wanted to. She was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was for her.

Mistress Cora felt that it was easier for her to dominate this guy with her sneakers than to put up with his condescending attitude. That is why she wore the sneakers and combined them with her BBW weight to teach the guy a cruel but important lesson. He felt a lot of pain but he deserved it and she did not have even an ounce of pity for the guy.

Goddess Yasemin wanted to wear her sneakers and when she did, she found out that her slave had not cleaned them. The mistress was angered by that and she felt that he had to be punished. So the mistress forced him to lick her sneakers until they were clean. He did not have any say in what she did and he regretted why he had not cleaned them earlier before she needed them.

Mistress Elodie did not want to have sex with this guy. So she acted as if she wanted a kinky foreplay and hence made him lick her feet then her sneakers. But she made it longer and the longer it was the more he got turned off. So she was able to get what she wanted and the sex did not happen. She acted disappointed but deep down she loved it.

Mistress Angie does not like bullies and upon learning that he was one, she had to do her best to teach him a lesson. The mistress kicked the guy in the nuts and caught his attention. Besides that, the mistress stomped on him all over his body and laughed at him as he struggled to beg her for mercy. She only stopped when he promised never to bully anyone again.

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