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Mistress Avril and her boyfriend Lucas realized that they were dealing with a sneaky couple and that was not ok with them. They had to find a way to deal with them to make sure they dropped that bad habit. The mistresses cruelly used their sneakers to do it and in no time, they had managed to send them a message. It was humiliating being made to lick smelly feet and sneakers but they got the message.

Queen Marie loves to degrade and to dominate. That is what she did to this guy today and she made sure that the guy would never mess with her again. The mistress used her sneakers to put him in his place by forcing him to lick the soles of her sneakers. She talked shit to him and warned him of worse if he did not cooperate with her. So he did.

Lady Nora only lets trustworthy people into her inner circle. She felt today that this guy was not and he did not deserve to be part of her inner circle. That is why she used smelly socks to dominate this guy. The mistress also used her sneakers to enhance the punishment that the guy got. When he tried to plead with her to stop it, she ignored him as he had ignored being trustworthy.

Lady Scarlet had dirty sneakers and she used them to dominate this guy. He was her neighbor and he was too horny for her. She did not want him to think that it was ok for him to think that he could do or say whatever he wanted to her. The mistress took him aside today and she made him lick her dirty sneakers and kicked him on the face.

When this mistress noticed that this mistress had been doing things which she had forbidden him from doing, she knew that she had no choice other than to torture him. The mistress used her sneakers to punish him and by the time she was done trampling him, he was in pain from head to toe. Every fiber of his body was in pain and he knew he did not want to feel that again.

Mistress Valentina had an issue with her slave and she felt that he did not know his place and that was not ok with her. So she came up with a suitable plan to deal with him. She had to put him in his place and she did so using her sneakers. He was turned into a sneaker slave and had to lick them and smell them according to her instructions.

This guy was notorious for catcalling. He had been told to stop doing it but he never did. Black Goddess and Cataleya had to punish him because he did not heed their call to stop catcalling. So the mistresses lured him to their house which was nearby and he was turned into a sneaker slave. They trampled him with the sneakers and they made him lick the soles as well.

Mistress Zephy had given this guy duties that he needed to fulfill. She did not like that he was failing in them and she wanted him to learn that she would not let him get away without any punishment. The mistress had to ensure that the guy would change his attitude as well as his way of doing things. The pain he felt from her sneaker tramping made him change.

Goddess Yasemin wanted to wear her sneakers and when she did, she found out that her slave had not cleaned them. The mistress was angered by that and she felt that he had to be punished. So the mistress forced him to lick her sneakers until they were clean. He did not have any say in what she did and he regretted why he had not cleaned them earlier before she needed them.

When she came home in the evening, mistress BlackDiamoond had a sudden urge to dominate someone. And she felt like doing it to the loser using her sneakers. She did not have someone to do that to and so she plotted how to do it and when she had everything figured out, she went out in search of the person to do all those things to because she felt that was the easy part.

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