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Mistress Cassandra is no stranger to pain and humiliation. She loves to inflict pain and humiliation to people she feels deserve it and that is what she did to this loser today. The mistress had the guy lick her smelly socks then go to her sneakers before she was done with him. He was scared of pissing her off so he did all that the mistress wanted him to do.

When mistress Dorimills and mistress Jucy realized that they were dealing with an insincere girl, they had to teach her not to be insincere again. They took her to the woods and had a great time torturing her for their own fun and to make her see some sense and change for the better. She was made to kneel down and had to lick their sneakers which were dirty and muddy.

Queen Marie loves to degrade and to dominate. That is what she did to this guy today and she made sure that the guy would never mess with her again. The mistress used her sneakers to put him in his place by forcing him to lick the soles of her sneakers. She talked shit to him and warned him of worse if he did not cooperate with her. So he did.

Mistress Viola and mistress Valerie wanted this guy to know his place and that is why they did what they did to him. They chose to trample him and force him to lick the soles of their sneakers. The poor guy analyzed the situation and he realized he was cornered so he cooperated and did what they wanted him to do so as to avoid any issues with the mistresses.

Mistress Selena was pissed off that her classmate was always trying to copy what she did. She would copy many of the things she said including her hobbies, her dressing and even her walking style. The mistress was pissed and she did not like it. She told her to stop it and when she did not stop, the mistress forced her to lick her feet as well as her sneakers before sucking her sweaty feet.

Mistress Missy and princess Kirstin wanted to dominate this guy and they did so using their sneakers. The mistresses degraded him with their sneakers which were dirty to make him know that they will not allow him to piss them off. The mistresses had to ensure he was never dishonest after that and that is why he had to be tamed. The guy learned something he had never learned before.

When these mistresses won a bet against this guy, they knew they had to make him do some crazy things. They did not hesitate to make him do so and that is why the mistresses chose to turn him into a sole licker. He was forced to lick the soles of their sneakers and degraded him cruelly before they felt that they were done with him. He never wanted to play with them again.

When these mistresses tried to watch a movie from this laptop, it kept freezing and hanging. They did not like it and they took out their anger and their frustration out on it. They crushed it with their sneakers and they made sure it was totally destroyed before they ordered a new one which worked perfectly. It was brought in record time and the mistresses enjoyed using it for work and for leisure.

After she removed her sneakers, this mistress noticed that they were smelly. She had smelly shoes, smelly socks and smelly feet. She then asked her slave why her sneakers and her socks smelled and yet he was the one who was in charge of cleaning them. When he fumbled in his answer, she asked him to lick them and smell them as punishment for not cleaning them as well as he should.

This mistress does not like anyone messing with her or wasting her time. This guy did so and he had to be punished for what he had done. That is why the mistress went out of her way to use her sneakers to punish him. He was cruelly trampled and he was made to lick not just her sneakers, but her bare feet as well before she warned him of ball crushing him if he did it again.

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