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Lady Scarlet wanted her landlord to know that she did not like some of the strict rules he had instituted. She had to make him mellow down a bit but she knew when it came to formal negotiations, he had the upper hand. So she had to try a different approach and she waited and cornered him in a public place and she head crushed him with her sneakers and made him reconsider.

Lady Scarlet had dirty sneakers and she used them to dominate this guy. He was her neighbor and he was too horny for her. She did not want him to think that it was ok for him to think that he could do or say whatever he wanted to her. The mistress took him aside today and she made him lick her dirty sneakers and kicked him on the face.

Lady Scarlet wanted to exercise but she also wanted to trample this guy. So she felt that it was good to do both of those things at the same time and that is why she opted to trample him and have fun at his expense. He had no say as she did her thing and made him feel a lot of pain and humiliation. She let him go after she had had enough workout.

Lady Scarlet and her sugar daddy were not seeing eye to eye as he was adamant he wanted her to do something she did not want to do. She had to make him understand that they had to meet each other halfway and that is why she had to trample him with her sneakers and make him lick them as well until he realized it was a losing battle and he did things her way.

This loser was contracted to do some work for these mistresses but he did not meet their expectations. The angry mistresses had to make him redo the work and it had to be at his own expense. And to make sure he realized how serious they were, the mistresses chose to use their sneakers to trample and stomp on him. The pain communicated to him how serious the mistresses were.

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