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Mistress Mira wanted to torture this guy and she did it in a way he would remember for a long time to come. The mistress used her trampling to torture him all over his body. She started with his face and she worked her way down his body. In addition, she gagged him with her foot before she was done by trampling him with her sneakers. She cheekily had him lick her sneakers when she was done.

Mistress Zephy had given this guy duties that he needed to fulfill. She did not like that he was failing in them and she wanted him to learn that she would not let him get away without any punishment. The mistress had to ensure that the guy would change his attitude as well as his way of doing things. The pain he felt from her sneaker tramping made him change.

Madame Marissa has never used sneakers before to degrade and she was out to get the experience and compare it with her high heels as well as her bare feet when it comes to trampling and dominating. So she trampled the loser with her socks before she wore her sneakers and did her thing on the loser who was tied so that he would not resist whatever she did to him.

Goddess Sheila loves to torture with different things and today she did it with her sneakers. She was in the mood to torture and so she did not hesitate to do so. She had her sneakers on and since she had not used them before to torture, she used them today to trample this loser and degrade him like never before. He cried and begged her for mercy but she acted as if she did not hear him.

Mistress Alexandra was wearing her sneakers when she noticed a toy car near where she was. She knew it belonged to her baby brother but she did not care. All she wanted was to crush it and she did not hesitate to do it. And when she was done, she threw away the evidence so that she would easily deny that she had not seen the toy or done anything to it.

Goddess Lena wanted to show her slave that she was not the kind of person to mess with. He had tried to mess with her for too long and she had looked away. But now that she was tired of his nonsense, she used her sneakers to kick him on the head and she did it while he was naked. She also had him lick her socks and her bare feet.

Goddess Nika wanted to use her sneakers to crush this loser's head because he was disobedient and he did not listen to her. The mistress summoned him to where she was and when he got there, he was met with a harsh reception and he immediately knew things were not ok. The mistress immediately proceeded to crush him with her sneakers and inflict pain he had never felt before in his life.

Mistress Luna had a new pair of sneakers and she wanted to test them out. She felt that the best way to do that was to crush toys using them. So she gathered a few toys and she crushed them using her sneakers. Within a few minutes, she had gotten her feedback. The sneakers she had bought were strong and they destroyed the toys and created a mess in the process.

Mistress Alisa wanted to wear her sneakers as she went out for a walk. But she found out that her sneakers were not as clean as she expected them to be and she was mad. The mistress chose to punish him for it as she did not want him to make the same mistake. The mistress brutally trampled him with both sneakers and her bare feet and he never repeated that mistake.

This mistress was getting unwanted attention in the subway and she wanted this loser to stop what he was doing. She tried to ignore him but she could feel his stare. She looked at her dirty snekers and then at him and made him understand what she meant. She had communicated that if he did not stop, she would use her sneakers to punish him. He got scared and stopped.

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