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Mistress Selena was pissed off that her classmate was always trying to copy what she did. She would copy many of the things she said including her hobbies, her dressing and even her walking style. The mistress was pissed and she did not like it. She told her to stop it and when she did not stop, the mistress forced her to lick her feet as well as her sneakers before sucking her sweaty feet.

Princess Helen loves sneakers. And she had just bought a new pair. She was so excited about it and she wore them with different outfits just to check how good she looked. And as she did so, she could not resist to take some selfies just to show off and to post to the gram later on. They looked harmless but she knew she could not use them to punish whoever messed with her.

This mistress loves to use sneakers to trample. She had a particular brand that she used but she had chosen to try a different brand. So she set out to test the sneakers before she used them for trampling losers and even crushing items. To check out whether they would be any good, she tested them on a pineapple. It was a lot of fun for her and she liked the performance of the sneakers.

Mistress Alisa wanted to wear her sneakers as she went out for a walk. But she found out that her sneakers were not as clean as she expected them to be and she was mad. The mistress chose to punish him for it as she did not want him to make the same mistake. The mistress brutally trampled him with both sneakers and her bare feet and he never repeated that mistake.

Mistress Molly wanted some money urgently and she knew this guy had it. But he was a miser and he did not want to lend it to her even when she promised to pay it back with interest. So the desperate mistress used her sneakers to humiliate him. She had him lick her soles and her dirty socks too and it reached a point he agreed to give it to her.

This mistress wanted her slave to learn that she was not messing around so she used her sneakers to send a message to him. The mistress did not want to keep punishing him and so she chose to humiliate and dominate him to find a lasting solution. He was made to lick her dirty soles and he had no choice but to do as the mistress instructed her. And he got the message.

Princess Serena knows how to have fun. It does not matter the situation she is in, she will always find a way to have a good time. Today she had dirty shoes and socks. But instead of rushing to clean up, she sat down and she got her slave to lick them. He had made a mistake and she took advantage of it to have a little fun at his expense.

Lady Karame did not like how dumb this guy was. She had to make him learn to behave the way she wanted. And she did this by dominating him using her sneakers. She crushed his head and got him to lick the soles of her sneakers, which were dirty. When he was done, he realized she was not going to accept anything less than perfection so he pulled his socks up.

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