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Mistress Kim and lady Nora wanted their sneakers licked and they did not care what the guy did. All they wanted was for him to follow their instructions and lick their sneakers as well as their feet in addition to their asses. Once he was done with all of that, they did not have any beef with him and they let him go. He struggled but he managed to do it.

When mistress Dorimills and mistress Jucy realized that they were dealing with an insincere girl, they had to teach her not to be insincere again. They took her to the woods and had a great time torturing her for their own fun and to make her see some sense and change for the better. She was made to kneel down and had to lick their sneakers which were dirty and muddy.

Missy Van Licks and her friend were fed up with the way in which this guy acted and they had to dominate him. The mistresses felt that he misbehaved a lot and for that, they had to punish him. That is why the mistresses chose to kick him hard in the balls using their sneakers. He cried but the mistresses did not care. He had to do all they wanted.

Madame Marissa realized that this guy wore her sneakers without her knowledge or permission. She did not like that. The mistress had to make sure that he would not do any such thing again. So she wore the same sneakers and she used them to crush him from head to toe. The pain he felt sent the message to him and he promised never to wear her sneakers again.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to rock her new sneakers. She had bought them a few days ago but was yet to wear them. Once she wore them, she flaunted them and had a great time showing them off. It also helped that she was wearing a sexy pair of shorts which showed off her hot and sexy legs. As she flaunted the shoes, she did the same with her thighs and legs.

This guy was used to bullying other people but he had never gotten a taste of his own medicine. That is what he got today when he tried to mess with mistress Lena. He thought she would be scared of him and would beg her for mercy or cry. But instead, she turned on him and she choked him with her socks as she shoved them into his mouth and she also had him lick her socks as well as her sneakers. The mistress also kicked him on the face.

Lady Stefanie had a loser who was dirty and she felt that the best way to make him learn that he had to change was to use dirty sneakers and socks to punish and humiliate him. So she used them to trample him until he cried and begged her for mercy. The scared guy was shocked at how bold she was and that is how stopped being a dirty person.

Princess Helen loves sneakers. And she had just bought a new pair. She was so excited about it and she wore them with different outfits just to check how good she looked. And as she did so, she could not resist to take some selfies just to show off and to post to the gram later on. They looked harmless but she knew she could not use them to punish whoever messed with her.

With their good legs, these mistresses pretended that they wanted to show off their sneakers but what they really wanted was to show off their hot legs. And that is what they did. One of them had a mini skirt and the other one a tight pair of jeans and they managed to have a lot of fun teasing guys and getting them turned on but they teased and denied them.

Mistress Mila was bored and so she used her sneakers to trample random things. She came across food and she felt it was the best thing to do given that she also wanted to humiliate her slave. So she crushed oranges and cucumbers and created a mess on the floor. Thereafter, she called her slave and she told him to clean up after her and he did it as he knew he could not disobey her.

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