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Mistress Avril and her boyfriend Lucas realized that they were dealing with a sneaky couple and that was not ok with them. They had to find a way to deal with them to make sure they dropped that bad habit. The mistresses cruelly used their sneakers to do it and in no time, they had managed to send them a message. It was humiliating being made to lick smelly feet and sneakers but they got the message.

When this mistress wanted to put this girl in her place, she did this with her sneakers. She had the girl lick her sneakers while naked. And when she was done doin git, the mistress had the girl lick and chew her socks before she stuck her foot in her mouth and foot gagged her. The girl nearly choked and she nearly threw up but the mistress did not care.

Mistress Kim and lady Nora wanted their sneakers licked and they did not care what the guy did. All they wanted was for him to follow their instructions and lick their sneakers as well as their feet in addition to their asses. Once he was done with all of that, they did not have any beef with him and they let him go. He struggled but he managed to do it.

Mistress Diana was tired from the office. When she got home, she noticed that this girl had not finished her chores and had been lazing around. The mistress was so pissed at her that she had to punish her. She did this by forcing her to lick her smelly feet and to lick her sneakers as well. The scared girl did it while she pleaded with the mistress to forgive her.

Mistress Viola and mistress Valerie wanted this guy to know his place and that is why they did what they did to him. They chose to trample him and force him to lick the soles of their sneakers. The poor guy analyzed the situation and he realized he was cornered so he cooperated and did what they wanted him to do so as to avoid any issues with the mistresses.

Lady Nora only lets trustworthy people into her inner circle. She felt today that this guy was not and he did not deserve to be part of her inner circle. That is why she used smelly socks to dominate this guy. The mistress also used her sneakers to enhance the punishment that the guy got. When he tried to plead with her to stop it, she ignored him as he had ignored being trustworthy.

Lady Scarlet had dirty sneakers and she used them to dominate this guy. He was her neighbor and he was too horny for her. She did not want him to think that it was ok for him to think that he could do or say whatever he wanted to her. The mistress took him aside today and she made him lick her dirty sneakers and kicked him on the face.

Mistress Selena was pissed off that her classmate was always trying to copy what she did. She would copy many of the things she said including her hobbies, her dressing and even her walking style. The mistress was pissed and she did not like it. She told her to stop it and when she did not stop, the mistress forced her to lick her feet as well as her sneakers before sucking her sweaty feet.

When these mistresses won a bet against this guy, they knew they had to make him do some crazy things. They did not hesitate to make him do so and that is why the mistresses chose to turn him into a sole licker. He was forced to lick the soles of their sneakers and degraded him cruelly before they felt that they were done with him. He never wanted to play with them again.

When this mistress noticed that this mistress had been doing things which she had forbidden him from doing, she knew that she had no choice other than to torture him. The mistress used her sneakers to punish him and by the time she was done trampling him, he was in pain from head to toe. Every fiber of his body was in pain and he knew he did not want to feel that again.

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