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Goddess Kiffa wanted to rock her new sneakers. She had bought them a few days ago but was yet to wear them. Once she wore them, she flaunted them and had a great time showing them off. It also helped that she was wearing a sexy pair of shorts which showed off her hot and sexy legs. As she flaunted the shoes, she did the same with her thighs and legs.

Goddess Kiffa realized that this guy was biased and she felt that he needed to be punished and in so doing, taught a lesson. So she used her sneakers to trample him. She made him lick them and when he was done, she smothered him with her bare feet including inserting her foot in his mouth. The guy regretted pissing her off and he learned never to be biased again.

Goddess Kiffa is the sort of girl you should never mess with if you can help it. The mistress is the sort of person who loves to degrade and humiliate people in any way she can. And today she chose to use her sneakers to do it. It was fun for her even though she was inflicting pain on the loser and humiliating him like he had never been humiliated before.

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