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Mistress Carmela likes to use naughty things to humiliate guys and today she used this guy's crush on her to humiliate him. She knew she could manipulate him and she did not hesitate to do it. She had the guy lick her socks and sniff them before she had him do the same to her sneakers. It was fun for her but not for him although he could not say so.

Mistress Cassandra is no stranger to pain and humiliation. She loves to inflict pain and humiliation to people she feels deserve it and that is what she did to this loser today. The mistress had the guy lick her smelly socks then go to her sneakers before she was done with him. He was scared of pissing her off so he did all that the mistress wanted him to do.

After she removed her sneakers, this mistress noticed that they were smelly. She had smelly shoes, smelly socks and smelly feet. She then asked her slave why her sneakers and her socks smelled and yet he was the one who was in charge of cleaning them. When he fumbled in his answer, she asked him to lick them and smell them as punishment for not cleaning them as well as he should.

Mistress Elodie did not want to have sex with this guy. So she acted as if she wanted a kinky foreplay and hence made him lick her feet then her sneakers. But she made it longer and the longer it was the more he got turned off. So she was able to get what she wanted and the sex did not happen. She acted disappointed but deep down she loved it.

Mistress Savanna wanted to get this loser to lick her feet so she made sure that her feet were smelly before she had the guy lick them. The guy had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted even though it was humiliating and crazy. He did it quickly so that she would not get other ideas and decide to humiliate and dominate him more than she had already done.

Mistress Avery was preparing to use her sneakers to dominate and to degrade this loser but as he was about to lick the as she ordered him, she felt pity for him and she made him lick her socks instead. She also had him do the same to her bare feet. But she warned him that if he did not lick her socks and feet well, she would ask him to lick her sneakers.

Mistress Cecilia likes to dominate slaves because she did not have to tease them or to beg them to do something. All she needed to do was to force them to do it and they had no choice but to do as she ordered. That is what happened today as the mistress forced this loser to lick and smell her stinky sneakers as well as her socks. He did it.

Mistress Felicia had been patient with this loser. She wanted him to tell her the truth but he kept playing and messing with her until she got fed up and she changed tact. She resorted to using her sneakers to get the truth. The mistress crushed him and made him lick them and he felt a lot of pain in the process. It is that pain that made him tell her the truth.

Mistress Cassandra knew this guy had never been dominated with sneakers before and she was ready to give him a taste of it. The naughty mistress laughed at the guy as he made faces while licking the soles of her sneakers. She knew the punishment was effective and she had a great time administering it. Mistress Cassandra then let him go having accomplished what she had set out to achieve.

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