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Mistress Diana was tired from the office. When she got home, she noticed that this girl had not finished her chores and had been lazing around. The mistress was so pissed at her that she had to punish her. She did this by forcing her to lick her smelly feet and to lick her sneakers as well. The scared girl did it while she pleaded with the mistress to forgive her.

When this mistress chose to humiliate this guy, she used her sneakers. She ensured that her sneakers were dirty before she used them to dominate the guy. The poor guy thought it was a joke but for the mistress, it was not and she was pissed about it all. She had to ensure that she humiliated the guy like never before and that is why she insisted that he licked them clean.

Mistress Nicole does not like to talk a lot. She is a woman of few words but when she is pissed, she can talk and act at the same time. Today she told this girl how she had pissed her off and she had to punish her at the same time. She did this with her sneakers. The mistress trampled the girl, used her as her human foot rest and then made her promise to change.

Mistress Lana was pissed off that her boyfriend was drunk and he was the one who had the house keys. As they were on their way back, she stopped the car to get him to remember where he had put the keys as they did not have a spare key. She trampled him with her sneakers in mud, got him to lick her spit as well as to eat leaves and twigs for him to get sober quicker.

Mistress Nicole and mistress Selena wanted to test this girl slave and they did it using their smelly socks, their bare feet as well as with their sneakers. The mistresses had her lick their bare feet, lick their smelly socks and lastly the mistresses made her lie down and endure being trampled by the mistresses. She tried her best not to cry and they were impressed at how she handled everything.

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