Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Mistress Lilly wanted to cut a deal but the guy did not play ball. The guy was being tough and inconsiderate for no reason and she did not think they would strike a deal. But she knew she could get him to sign off on it by using a different way. So she used her sneakers to force him to agree to cut a deal. She threatened him and he got scared and did things her way.

These mistresses wanted to have a great time with toys but not to play with them the way kids did. They wanted to do the opposite. They chose to crush them and destroy them which they did using their sneakers. The mistresses had a great time watching the work of their hands and feet as the toys lay destroyed on the ground. They left them there and went to look for other things to crush.

Mistress Luna had a new pair of sneakers and she wanted to test them out. She felt that the best way to do that was to crush toys using them. So she gathered a few toys and she crushed them using her sneakers. Within a few minutes, she had gotten her feedback. The sneakers she had bought were strong and they destroyed the toys and created a mess in the process.

Mistress Christin got home early today and she did not have anything to do in the house. Being that she has a crush fetish, she looked around the house to find something to crush. The mistress found an old radio which was working well but she did not have any use for it. So she used her sneakers to crush it and destroy it. It helped her to pass time.

Mistress Alisa wanted to wear her sneakers as she went out for a walk. But she found out that her sneakers were not as clean as she expected them to be and she was mad. The mistress chose to punish him for it as she did not want him to make the same mistake. The mistress brutally trampled him with both sneakers and her bare feet and he never repeated that mistake.

This mistress was getting unwanted attention in the subway and she wanted this loser to stop what he was doing. She tried to ignore him but she could feel his stare. She looked at her dirty snekers and then at him and made him understand what she meant. She had communicated that if he did not stop, she would use her sneakers to punish him. He got scared and stopped.

Goddess Nika was broke. She gets a lot of money but she does not know how to save. She needed money and she had to get someone to lend it to her and she would pay back with interest. But this loser refused to give it to her and she knew he had it. She was desperate so she used her sneakers to force him to give her the money.

Princess Serena was betrayed by her friend and she was not going to let it slide. She had to punish the friend and she made sure it was a cruel punishment. She used her sneakers, which were dirty, to teach him a lesson. The mistress laughed at the guy and she made sure he learned his lesson. The punishment was cruel but that was how it was intended to be.

Mistress Felicia had been patient with this loser. She wanted him to tell her the truth but he kept playing and messing with her until she got fed up and she changed tact. She resorted to using her sneakers to get the truth. The mistress crushed him and made him lick them and he felt a lot of pain in the process. It is that pain that made him tell her the truth.

This mistress did not like how this woman had tried to sabotage her work and she had to deal with her. She loved her job and she needed it. So she made sure she crushed her with her sneakers and she got her to learn that you do not do that to her and get away with it. She trampled her all over her body from her head to toe and made her right the wrongs she had made.

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