Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

With their good legs, these mistresses pretended that they wanted to show off their sneakers but what they really wanted was to show off their hot legs. And that is what they did. One of them had a mini skirt and the other one a tight pair of jeans and they managed to have a lot of fun teasing guys and getting them turned on but they teased and denied them.

This mistress had laid out the rules to this guy but he did not follow them. So she used her sneakers to enforce them. And the punishment was out of this world as she used them to crush him all over including his head and his balls. His cries of pain did not get to her as she ignored them and she went on crushing and trampling him as she wished.

Mistress Mila was bored and so she used her sneakers to trample random things. She came across food and she felt it was the best thing to do given that she also wanted to humiliate her slave. So she crushed oranges and cucumbers and created a mess on the floor. Thereafter, she called her slave and she told him to clean up after her and he did it as he knew he could not disobey her.

Madame Marissa found out that this loser focused on doing the wrong thing and she got pissed and she dominated him to teach him never to do such a thing. The mistress forced him to place his hands on the kitchen counter and she hand crushed him using her sneakers. He was in a lot of pain but deservedly so and she told him as much and warned him not to piss her off again.

This mistress knew how she was going to punish her slave today and she wanted to do it using her sneakers. The mistress went and she got her sneakers dirty so that she could use them for that purpose. She plotted to not only have him lick them until they were clean to her satisfaction, but she also planned to trample his head and his balls with the same sneakers.

Mistress Lilly was pissed when she found out that her boyfriend kept secrets from her. She did not want to encourage that sort of behavior so she did something about it. The mistress chose to use her sneakers to trample him and she also forced him to lick them despite them being dirty. The pain and humiliation he felt made him change his ways and not have any secrets between them.

Mistress Alisa did not want a mouthy slave in her house. And when she noticed that this slave was, she had to deal with him. He had to change and she made sure of it through her sneakers. She used them to trample him and crush his mouth as well as his head. She also spat into his mouth and made him lick her stinky socks. That was enough to make him change.

Lady Krasaviza felt that the best thing to do to her slave was to degrade him. He had messed with her and she did not want to let him off the hook. She knew that if she did not do something to scare the shit out of him, he would always mess with her. So she made him lick her dirty sneakers and she used the same sneakers to trample him.

Goddess Lena had never used sneakers to punish anyone before. But today she used them to punish this loser. He had to learn his lesson the hard way and that is why she used her sneakers to trample him and do it as cruelly as she could. She made sure he was degraded as he had to lick her soles. She also threatened him with the cigarette that she was smoking.

Lady Rockabella wanted to scare the shit out of this guy and she managed to do it. She did it by telling the guy she would crush his face and his balls using her sneakers. In addition, the mistress told him she would have him lick her bare feet and then move on to lickign her soles. He was shocked that she would have him do that and he changed.

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