Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

These mistresses found out that a bully lived in their apartment and they were not going to allow it. The bully had to get a taste of his own medicine to help him stop being a bully. So the mistresses used sneakers to trample him and he could do nothing about it. He was humiliated and he was ashamed of what he had done. He begged for mercy and agreed to stop.

Mistress Alisa realized that this couple had done things against what they had agreed. She was not going to let them get away with it and that was why she chose to humiliate and dominate them. She used her sneakers to kick them and she also forced them to lick her bare feet and the soles of her sneakers as well. It worked and she got them to do what they had agreed.

Goddess Lena wanted to show her slave that she was not the kind of person to mess with. He had tried to mess with her for too long and she had looked away. But now that she was tired of his nonsense, she used her sneakers to kick him on the head and she did it while he was naked. She also had him lick her socks and her bare feet.

This mistress was so pissed at her roommate and she wanted to humiliate her. She went to her bedroom and she messed up her wardrobe. She took her roommate's clothes and she crushed and trampled them with her sneakers. The mistress enjoyed dominating him for fun and she had a great time as she created a mess in her room. When she came back home, she did not believe what had happened in her room.

Madame Marissa wanted to degrade her slave. She did not want to use pain to torture him. She felt that she did not want to use pain as he might get used to it and then render it an ineffective punishment. So the mistress spat on croissants and she crushed them with her feet before she gave them to him to eat. That was degrading but he had no choice.

Mistress Cecilia likes to dominate slaves because she did not have to tease them or to beg them to do something. All she needed to do was to force them to do it and they had no choice but to do as she ordered. That is what happened today as the mistress forced this loser to lick and smell her stinky sneakers as well as her socks. He did it.

Madame Marissa wanted to pump some sense into this loser's head and she did it using her sneakers. The mistress was not amused by what she had seen and she sought to put an end to it. So the mistress forced this loser to lie down and she made him feel a lot of pain as she crushed his head. The mistress did not care how much pain he was in.

Princess Serena did not like how perverted this guy was. She had to make him change and she felt that using her sneakers to make him do it was her best bet. The mistress used her dirty and muddy sneakers to torture as well as to dominate him. He could not do anything about it and had to content with the punishment she had given him even as he promised never to be perverted again.

Goddess Nika wanted to use her sneakers to crush this loser's head because he was disobedient and he did not listen to her. The mistress summoned him to where she was and when he got there, he was met with a harsh reception and he immediately knew things were not ok. The mistress immediately proceeded to crush him with her sneakers and inflict pain he had never felt before in his life.

Madame Marissa wanted to teach her lazy slave that if he did not improve his work ethic and start to be hardworking, he would find it hard being with her and working for her. The mistress laughed at the loser and she forced him to endure the pain that she inflicted on him. The mistress was sure that he had learned his lesson and would not mess around again for fear of what she could do to him.

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