Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Mistress Cassandra knew this guy had never been dominated with sneakers before and she was ready to give him a taste of it. The naughty mistress laughed at the guy as he made faces while licking the soles of her sneakers. She knew the punishment was effective and she had a great time administering it. Mistress Cassandra then let him go having accomplished what she had set out to achieve.

Lady Krasaviza had not dominated her slave in a while and she chose to do it today. She did not care whether he done anything or not. She just dominated him for the sake of it. The mistress had her sneakers licked and also had her socks sniffed. It was a lot of fun for her but the same could not be said of her slave who had to endure what she did.

Lady Karame did not like how dumb this guy was. She had to make him learn to behave the way she wanted. And she did this by dominating him using her sneakers. She crushed his head and got him to lick the soles of her sneakers, which were dirty. When he was done, he realized she was not going to accept anything less than perfection so he pulled his socks up.

Mistress Alisa was not amused by how her driver drove her today. She did not want him to ever do that again as he had driven dangerously. She punished him for what he had done and she taught him a cruel lesson. She forced him to lick dirty sneakers as punishment. It was a side of her he had never seen before but he knew he deserved the punishment he was getting.

Madame Marissa was tired as she had had a long day. She did not want to spend a lot of time and effort trying to punish her slave. But she was not going to forgive him either. So she came up with an easy way to punish him. She used her sneakers, which she rubbed on dirt, to teach him a lesson. She was surprised at how good a punishment tool it was.

Goddess Chanel is a fitness freak so she is always wearing her sneakers. And because she punishes guys a lot, she was getting fed up of having to change into heels to punish. She chose to do it in her heels and she had a great time punishing the loser. She did not waste time changing into other shoes. And they were just as painful as the other shoes she used.

This mistress was so mad that she walked out of the house. She found her baby's pram outside and without thinking twice, she crushed it and trampled it with her sneakers. She took out her anger on it and she did not care what happened to it until her anger had subsided. Luckily for her, she had not done much damage to it and it could be used without any problems.

Mistress Lilly wanted to expand the kind of things she used to punish her slave. She was bored with using the same ones over and over again. She needed something better. So she thought of using her sneakers and she waited patiently until her slave messed up and this time, she used her sneakers to trample and stomp him. He did not expect that and it was more painful than what he was used to.

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