Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Goddess Kiffa is the sort of girl you should never mess with if you can help it. The mistress is the sort of person who loves to degrade and humiliate people in any way she can. And today she chose to use her sneakers to do it. It was fun for her even though she was inflicting pain on the loser and humiliating him like he had never been humiliated before.

This guy had a thing for this mistress and he fantasized about fucking her. He was horny as he talked to her and she could tell as he had a hard-on. But she did not feel the same way towards him. So she humiliated him with her sneakers as she trampled him and even made him lick the soles of her sneakers. And she also let him go high and dry.

Mistress Valentina had asked this contractor to do some work for her but as it turned out, he was not as good as he claimed he was and he made a lot of mistakes which was unforgivable for her. And when he asked for money, she chose to use her sneakers to dominate and humiliate him and then she told him that was his payment as she had to look for someone to redo the work.

Princess Alena had a slave she did not like as he was always noisy and rowdy and she liked peace and quiet. She had tried her best to put up with him but it had reached a point she could not take it anymore. So she used her sneakers to trample him, choke and gag him as well as make him lick them. He had no choice but to learn his lesson.

Mistress Sophia wanted to make her son be more responsible and that is why she chose to crush his gaming console as he spent a lot of time on it. She had tried to talk to him to reduce the time he spent there, but he did not stop or reduce the time spent on it. So the mistress chose to crush it so that he would not have any to use.

Goddess Liana had a son who was not doing well because he was so entitled. She had to bring him down back to earth so she used her sneakers to trample him. The mistress cruelly spat on her sneakers and she had him lick her sneakers. He was humiliated but he knew she would not let him go unless he chose to do what she had asked him to do.

This mistress had a horny trainer who was used to sleeping with the girls he trained. She did not want such a guy training her but since he was one of the best and she wanted his expertise, she chose to punish him instead and make him do his job and stop being unprofessional. So the mistress used her martial arts to beat him and when he was done and he knew he was defeated, he chose to let her have her way with him and she trampled him with her sneakers.

This mistress wanted to help her friend who wanted a massage because her back was killing her. But she had soft hands and they did not make a different to her friend who wanted a deep tissue massage. So she opted to use her sneakers to trample her friend's back and that helped as it went as deep as her friend wanted. That is when they both realized that trampling can also help with back ache when done right.

Mistress Alexandra was wearing her sneakers when she noticed a toy car near where she was. She knew it belonged to her baby brother but she did not care. All she wanted was to crush it and she did not hesitate to do it. And when she was done, she threw away the evidence so that she would easily deny that she had not seen the toy or done anything to it.

Mistress Alisa wanted to lure this guy to dominate him and so she used her sexy legs to lure the guy who thought that she was flirting with him and he would get a chance to fuck her if he followed her. He was rudely shocked to find out that she was baiting him to dominate and torture him using her sneakers. He had to lick them despite how dirty they were.

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