Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Goddess Yasemin wanted to wear her sneakers and when she did, she found out that her slave had not cleaned them. The mistress was angered by that and she felt that he had to be punished. So the mistress forced him to lick her sneakers until they were clean. He did not have any say in what she did and he regretted why he had not cleaned them earlier before she needed them.

Mistress Elodie did not want to have sex with this guy. So she acted as if she wanted a kinky foreplay and hence made him lick her feet then her sneakers. But she made it longer and the longer it was the more he got turned off. So she was able to get what she wanted and the sex did not happen. She acted disappointed but deep down she loved it.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to rock her new sneakers. She had bought them a few days ago but was yet to wear them. Once she wore them, she flaunted them and had a great time showing them off. It also helped that she was wearing a sexy pair of shorts which showed off her hot and sexy legs. As she flaunted the shoes, she did the same with her thighs and legs.

Lady Scarlet wanted to exercise but she also wanted to trample this guy. So she felt that it was good to do both of those things at the same time and that is why she opted to trample him and have fun at his expense. He had no say as she did her thing and made him feel a lot of pain and humiliation. She let him go after she had had enough workout.

This mistress had to beat this girl up because she had tried to con her. It had rained and it was muddy but the mistress did not hesitate to take the girl out of the house and torture her. She cruelly used her muddy sneakers to trample her and make fun of her. She kicked her and had her lick the mud from the sneakers and when she was done, she chased her away.

Mistress Aurora and mistress Rada were of the opinion that this girl needed to be put in her place. So they did it and cruelly so. The mistresses forced the girl to lick their asses, their armpits, their socks and to smell their farts too. They trampled her and ensured she was in a lot of pain. And when she tried to beg for mercy, they ignored her and humiliated her some more.

Mistress Angie does not like bullies and upon learning that he was one, she had to do her best to teach him a lesson. The mistress kicked the guy in the nuts and caught his attention. Besides that, the mistress stomped on him all over his body and laughed at him as he struggled to beg her for mercy. She only stopped when he promised never to bully anyone again.

Mistress Ambra was interested in finding out what this guy's pain threshold was. So she used her sneakers to trample him. The guy was in pain as she crushed his fingers with her sneakers. He was in pain and it showed on his eyes and on his face but he did not make a sound at all. The mistress was impressed by how well he was able to contain his pain.

Mistress Lea was angry at this guy because he had gotten them lost. She was pissed at the guy and she made sure that he would learn to take better directions and that he would also learn to ask for directions. So she used her sneakers to trample the shit out of him and made him cry before she felt it was enough punishment for him. He never let her down again.

Mistress Jocelyn wanted to teach this guy a lesson he would carry with him for the rest of his life. That is why she chose to use her sneakers to do it. The mistress felt that the best thing to do to the guy was to make him lick her feet and hen trample him with the same sneakers. When she was done with him, he was in pain and he regretted why he had messed with her.

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