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This guy had a bad attitude and lady Krasaviza had to tame him. She felt that he had to be taught what it meant to have a good or bad attitude. And so she had the guy lie down and endure being trampled all over his body by the mistress before she let him go after he had pain all over his body. She then watched the entire footage before she decided on what else to do.

Lady Krasaviza felt that the best thing to do to her slave was to degrade him. He had messed with her and she did not want to let him off the hook. She knew that if she did not do something to scare the shit out of him, he would always mess with her. So she made him lick her dirty sneakers and she used the same sneakers to trample him.

Lady Krasaviza wanted her slave to clean her sneakers. She had expected to find them clean and now that they were not, she had to both punish him as well as force him to lick the soles of her high heels. That way, she would have the sneakers clean and she would also humiliate and punish him. He was also ordered to smell her sneakers besides licking the soles of the sneakers.

Lady Krasaviza had not dominated her slave in a while and she chose to do it today. She did not care whether he done anything or not. She just dominated him for the sake of it. The mistress had her sneakers licked and also had her socks sniffed. It was a lot of fun for her but the same could not be said of her slave who had to endure what she did.

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