Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Queen Marie wanted to humiliate this guy because he was a pain in the ass. She wanted to ensure that he stopped being a pain in the ass. That is why the mistress and her friend used their sneakers to humiliate him. He realized that his days of doing what he wanted were over so he changed and he did things the way the mistresses wanted him to do them.

Mistress Missy and princess Kirstin wanted to dominate this guy and they did so using their sneakers. The mistresses degraded him with their sneakers which were dirty to make him know that they will not allow him to piss them off. The mistresses had to ensure he was never dishonest after that and that is why he had to be tamed. The guy learned something he had never learned before.

When this mistress chose to humiliate this guy, she used her sneakers. She ensured that her sneakers were dirty before she used them to dominate the guy. The poor guy thought it was a joke but for the mistress, it was not and she was pissed about it all. She had to ensure that she humiliated the guy like never before and that is why she insisted that he licked them clean.

When these mistresses won a bet against this guy, they knew they had to make him do some crazy things. They did not hesitate to make him do so and that is why the mistresses chose to turn him into a sole licker. He was forced to lick the soles of their sneakers and degraded him cruelly before they felt that they were done with him. He never wanted to play with them again.

Goddess Lena wanted to degrade this slave because she had an issue with the way in which he did things. The mistress did not want to give him another chance as she was sure that he would mess up. So she crushed and humiliated him in a way he never expected. The mistress made him lick and smell her socks and her sneakers to torture him and make him learn.

Goddess Yasemin wanted her husband to know that she was not going to tolerate any nonsense from him. So she used her sneakers to torture him. She made sure that he was in a lot of pain and that he was degraded by all that she did. He tried to make her stop but she did not as she told him that he had also not stopped the things she had asked him to stop.

When this mistress noticed that this mistress had been doing things which she had forbidden him from doing, she knew that she had no choice other than to torture him. The mistress used her sneakers to punish him and by the time she was done trampling him, he was in pain from head to toe. Every fiber of his body was in pain and he knew he did not want to feel that again.

This loser did not want to let this guy get away with what he had done. He was a loser and he had pissed her off. So the mistress cruelly trampled him with her sneakers. He was in pain and he cried as she crushed him all over the body. From head to toe. The mistress laughed at the guy and she made sure that he knew that she would not tolerate such nonsense from him.

This mistress had a new slave and she was concerned that he was looking dumb. She tried him out and she realized that he was indeed dumb. She did not like that and she had to punish him for it. The mistress laughed at him as she degraded as well as humiliated him for fun. She was also encouraging him to educate himself so as to avoid being degraded and humiliated.

Mistress Nicole needed to degrade this girl and she did it using her armpits and her sneakers. She was doing it because she was fond of wearing her sneakers without her permission and she felt that it was not right. So she punished her by forcing her to lick her smelly armpits as well as chewing her stinky socks. The girl had to lick the soles of her sneakers before she was done with her.

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