Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Madame Marissa has never used sneakers before to degrade and she was out to get the experience and compare it with her high heels as well as her bare feet when it comes to trampling and dominating. So she trampled the loser with her socks before she wore her sneakers and did her thing on the loser who was tied so that he would not resist whatever she did to him.

Goddess Sheila loves to torture with different things and today she did it with her sneakers. She was in the mood to torture and so she did not hesitate to do so. She had her sneakers on and since she had not used them before to torture, she used them today to trample this loser and degrade him like never before. He cried and begged her for mercy but she acted as if she did not hear him.

Mistress Nicole does not like to talk a lot. She is a woman of few words but when she is pissed, she can talk and act at the same time. Today she told this girl how she had pissed her off and she had to punish her at the same time. She did this with her sneakers. The mistress trampled the girl, used her as her human foot rest and then made her promise to change.

Lady Rockabella was pissed at her slutty neighbor and she felt that she had to deal with her because she had ignored warnings to stop dressing inappropriately and tempting their men. So she used her sneakers to trample and dominate her. It was so painful and cruel that she learned her lesson instantly. She did not want her to continue tempting her man and other people's men with her slutty ways.

Mistress Natasha wanted to teach this guy a lesson so she used her sneakers to do it. The guy was shocked at what she chose to do to him. The mistress made him lick the soles of her sneakers and she did not even care what he felt as he did it as he had to drop the bad behaviors and habits he had. That is how he learned his lesson.

This girl ignored goddess Victoria's instructions and she lived to regret it as she ensured that she would never do it again. She made her lick insoles and sneakers as well as her smelly feet. And when she was done doing that, she used the girl as a foot rest before she felt that the punishment was enough and that she had learned her lesson the way she needed to.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was punishing this guy because he had messed in her presence. She did not want it and she did not like it. So she had to come up with a way to punish him. She did not hesitate to do it and she used her trampling fetish and her sneakers to dominate him. She even had him lick her soles. And since he had taught her a lesson he needed, he shocked her by paying her for the punishment.

Mistress Ira and mistress Lola wanted to force this guy to do things he had never done before and that is why he had to be trampled. They wanted him to lick their assholes and he refused so they trampled him and the pain convinced him that it was easier to lick their assholes than to be trampled all over by two mistresses at the same time while they wore sneakers.

Goddess Mel does not like dirty people and when her new slave turned out to be one, she had to teach him how to behave and how to observe good hygiene standards. So she trampled him with her sneakers and that is how he learned that he could not afford to drop the ball when it came to personal hygiene as she would not allow him to do it. He changed.

Mistress Maya was not ok with how her gym instructor tried to hit on her. She felt that it was inappropriate and she had to force him to stop it. She liked his workout routine and it was perfect for her but she did not want to have anything else with him. So she forced him to stop by trampling him cruelly with her sneakers when he tried to make a move.

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