Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Mistress Enola did not want to listen to anything that came out of this guy's mouth because he had disappointed her enough times. She did not want him to say anything else and that is why she used her sneaker to choke him and at the same time shut him up. So she tied a stinky sneaker on his face which covered his mouth and his nose and achieved the two things she wanted.

These mistresses were taken for a ride by this guy and they could not let him do that to other people. So they took him to the woods and they kicked him hard in the nuts. And when they were done kicking him, they made him a foot slave whereby he had to lick their feet which were muddy. He was in pain but it served him right and he learned from it.

This mistress felt that this guy needed to be tamed and so she did it with her sneakers. The guy was a pervert and she did not want to have to deal with him in that state. He was naked and she felt that he had to learn to respect himself and others. So she trampled him from head to toe using her sneakers and she made him regret what his perversion.

This guy had made a promise to some kids but he was just lying to them and had no intention of keeping his promise. He did not care. Unfortunately for him, this mistress heard what he said and on the material day, she went to where he was and she trampled him with her sneakers when she realized he did not want to honor his promise. She forced him to keep his promise to the young impressionable kids.

Mistress Lana was pissed off that her boyfriend was drunk and he was the one who had the house keys. As they were on their way back, she stopped the car to get him to remember where he had put the keys as they did not have a spare key. She trampled him with her sneakers in mud, got him to lick her spit as well as to eat leaves and twigs for him to get sober quicker.

Mistress Molly had dirty sneakers and dirty socks. She did not hesitate to use them to scare her slave as she knew that she had to act quickly if she was to get him to change and do things her way. He was new and he did not seem to be adapting well and she wanted to make the process easier. So she made him lick her socks and her sneakers both of which were dirty.

Lady Anja was interested in punishing this slave as he did not take advantage of the time she gave him to make some adjustments and improvements. She also had to read her book and finish it and that is how and why she came to sit down and read her book while she had her slave lick her sneakers. It was a way for her to achieve both things at the same time.

Lady Scarlet and her sugar daddy were not seeing eye to eye as he was adamant he wanted her to do something she did not want to do. She had to make him understand that they had to meet each other halfway and that is why she had to trample him with her sneakers and make him lick them as well until he realized it was a losing battle and he did things her way.

This mistress was not pleased that her married neighbor wanted to have an affair with her. He was not even loaded and she saw no benefit from having an affair with him. It would only make things difficult for her and so she dominated him and humiliated him by turning him into her foot slave and made him lick her feet as well as her sneakers then warned him against trying that again.

Mistress Kira and mistress Sofi found this guy staring at them and they knew he was interested in them. So they told him that they had a fetish for feet and easily got turned on when their feet got licked and the guy was interested although he did not say a thing. They sweetened the deal by offering to pay him and he licked their feet despite the fact that they had spat on them.

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