Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Lady Fenja does not like bullies and this guy was one. He was trying to bully others so as to avoid being bullied himself. Lady Fenja quickly studied him and she knew what sort of person he was. She then went ahead to make the bully undress and she crushed his hands and his fingers with her sneakers before she kicked him hard on the balls using the same sneakers.

Mistress Tiffany wanted to ball crush this guy using her sneakers but he begged her not to. She agreed but she went ahead to do the same thing with her bare hands. She removed his pants and took his dick and his balls in her hands and she squeezed them as if her life depended on it. And it was excruciatingly painful for the guy as he tried in vain to beg for mercy.

This loser was contracted to do some work for these mistresses but he did not meet their expectations. The angry mistresses had to make him redo the work and it had to be at his own expense. And to make sure he realized how serious they were, the mistresses chose to use their sneakers to trample and stomp on him. The pain communicated to him how serious the mistresses were.

Mistress Roxy was naked except for the thong she wore. She let her tits out and this guy she was humiliated was torn between admiring her hot body and trying to get out of the punishment and humiliation he was being subjected to. She made him lick her sneakers and even used him as a human ashtray. He was dominated and humiliated but at least he had a great view of her sexy body.

Princess Alena was bored and she needed something to pass time with. On looking around, she felt that the only thing that fit that description was her sneakers. So she used her sneakers to pass time as she tried to come up with ways this loser could be humiliated with. She had him lick them, smell them and do anything else that came to her mind. He could not afford to say no.

This slave had never been scared of her mistress. She thought of her as one of her girls and she did not do all the things that she asked him. So she sought to end that and she did it by forcing her to lie down and trampling her using her sneakers. The girl slave was shocked and humiliated. She was also in pain but she learned an important lesson.

Mistress Zora wanted her sneakers to be licked and she did not care whether the slave found it humiliating or not. So she used her sneakers which were smelly and sweaty as she was coming from a run. When he was done with her sneakers, she made him get started on her bare feet. He ended his punishment with a foot rub which was meant to make the mistress relax.

Goddess Chanel felt like dominating this loser and she did so using her sneakers. She had not punished or dominated someone with her sneakers in a long time and she was excited to do it. The mistress did not even have to wait for long before this guy gave her a reason to trample his body and especially his fingers and hands. She pretended to be mad at him but she was enjoying everything.

When she came home in the evening, mistress BlackDiamoond had a sudden urge to dominate someone. And she felt like doing it to the loser using her sneakers. She did not have someone to do that to and so she plotted how to do it and when she had everything figured out, she went out in search of the person to do all those things to because she felt that was the easy part.

Lady Divine and lady Stefanie knew this guy had done something wrong but they did not know exactly what it was. So the mistresses trampled him with their sneakers and got him to tell them what he had done and why he had done it. The pain he felt did not give him room to lie to them. He just told them everything and that was when the let him go.

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