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This mistress has a gorgeous behind. But that did not give this guy the license to spank her. She did not know him and even if she did, as long as they were not on sexual terms, he had no right to spank her. So she used her sneakers to trample and crush his hands and his fingers so that he would never be tempted again to do what he had done.

Lady Rockabella wanted to scare the shit out of this guy and she managed to do it. She did it by telling the guy she would crush his face and his balls using her sneakers. In addition, the mistress told him she would have him lick her bare feet and then move on to lickign her soles. He was shocked that she would have him do that and he changed.

Mistress Ashley came home from work and she found that her boyfriend had not done anything in the house. He sat down watching movies waiting for her to do all the work and even cook. She was so pissed and disappointed in him that she used her sneakers to humiliate and punish him. She did not want that to happen again so she made him lick the soles of her sneakers.

Lady Karame was doing her best to stay in shape for her man but he was not. That pissed her off and she had to show her displeasure. She did it by forcing the boyfriend to lick her sweaty sneakers and she also used the same sneakers to trample him. He did not want a repeat of that so he agreed to work out as well. They actually did it together.

Mistress Isabella does not like sneakers but when she saw sneaker girls fetish, she knew she had to try it. So she went and she bought a pair of sneakers and she used them to dominate this loser. She wore them until they got smelly and sweaty and then she used them to dominate the loser by asking him to lick them as well as to smell them. He had to.

When mistress Luna realized that she was handling her son with kid gloves, she got scared that he would develop bad manners. So she used her sneakers to teach him a lesson. She took his favorite toy car and she crushed it with her sneakers as he watched. And she told him the next thing she would crush was him if he did not become a good boy. He was scared and he changed.

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