Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

This mistress was showing off her sneakers which was all good but she was doing it while she was naked and that is what caught the attention of anyone who was watching her do her thing. The mistress' big tits were an instant attraction and it would be accurate to say that very few people noticed anything other than her big tits and a peek at her clean shaved pussy.

Mistress Melissa wanted to show this guy how useless he was and so she took selfies as she humiliated him. He was licking her sneakers and he was scared of her. That is why he obeyed all her instructions and commands. He knew she would do something even crazier than making him lick the soles of her sneakers. That is how he ensured it did not get worse than that.

Mistress Tamara felt that time was not moving and she had to find a way to kill time. As she looked around for what to do, she came across a pine cone and she did not hesitate to trample it for her own fun. The mistress enjoyed crushing it for fun and she killed the time she wanted to. She was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was for her.

This guy was a troll and he had gotten into this mistress' nerves. She was not happy with him and she knew that he had to be punished. So she made sure that he learned his lesson by crushing his balls with her sneakers. It was humiliating and it was also painful but he learned his lesson and he did things differently and he stopped being a troll as it had brought him enough grief.

This mistress could tell that her slave was acting up and she had to punish him and get him to learn his lesson. She ensured that the guy felt not just pain, but that he also learned that she would not tolerate any insubordination. As the guy felt the pain, he knew that she meant business and he agreed to abide by her rules and to adhere to her instructions.

Mistress Zephy needed to put this guy in his place as he did not seem to understand his place. She used her sneakers to trample him and by the time she was done with him, he was humiliated and he was in a lot of pain as well. The mistress knew the pain and humiliation were necessary for him to learn his lesson and also to know his place. He did.

Mistress Anna did not like it when her girlfriend flirted with other girls. She felt that it was time for her the consequences of such actions. So the mistress trampled her girlfriend and she also had her lick her sneakers. The girlfriend could not believe it and she had to apologize and agree not to flirt with other girls before mistress Anna felt that she could now stop punishing her.

This guy had a bad attitude and lady Krasaviza had to tame him. She felt that he had to be taught what it meant to have a good or bad attitude. And so she had the guy lie down and endure being trampled all over his body by the mistress before she let him go after he had pain all over his body. She then watched the entire footage before she decided on what else to do.

Goddess Mel did not like how unruly this guy was. She had thought it was a phase and it would pass but it did not seem to and she was so pissed and disappointed in him that she had to do something about it. The mistress wore her sneakers and she used it to torture and degrade the poor guy. He cried and promised to change his behavior and he did.

Mistress Cora felt that it was easier for her to dominate this guy with her sneakers than to put up with his condescending attitude. That is why she wore the sneakers and combined them with her BBW weight to teach the guy a cruel but important lesson. He felt a lot of pain but he deserved it and she did not have even an ounce of pity for the guy.

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