Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

This mistress loves to use sneakers to trample. She had a particular brand that she used but she had chosen to try a different brand. So she set out to test the sneakers before she used them for trampling losers and even crushing items. To check out whether they would be any good, she tested them on a pineapple. It was a lot of fun for her and she liked the performance of the sneakers.

Madame Marissa was angered by the fact that her husband had grown lazy and did not find ways to stay productive. She did not want to encourage that behavior and she had to do something about it. That is when the mistress chose to use her sneakers to trample him and to send a message that things would not be the same until he learned to stop that bad habit.

Lady Karame was doing her best to stay in shape for her man but he was not. That pissed her off and she had to show her displeasure. She did it by forcing the boyfriend to lick her sweaty sneakers and she also used the same sneakers to trample him. He did not want a repeat of that so he agreed to work out as well. They actually did it together.

Mistress Isabella does not like sneakers but when she saw sneaker girls fetish, she knew she had to try it. So she went and she bought a pair of sneakers and she used them to dominate this loser. She wore them until they got smelly and sweaty and then she used them to dominate the loser by asking him to lick them as well as to smell them. He had to.

When mistress Luna realized that she was handling her son with kid gloves, she got scared that he would develop bad manners. So she used her sneakers to teach him a lesson. She took his favorite toy car and she crushed it with her sneakers as he watched. And she told him the next thing she would crush was him if he did not become a good boy. He was scared and he changed.

Mistress Sabrina is the kind of person who likes to put people in their place if she notices that they do not do what she wanted them to do. This loser messed up and she had to deal with him. She did it by forcing him to lick her feet and her sneakers. The mistress wanted to make sure that he would never do it again and he never did.

Mistress Kate and her friend mistress Amber were lied to by this loser and they felt that it was disrespectful to them. They wanted him to learn his lesson the hard way and that is why they chose to use their sneakers to punish him. The loser had never been as humiliated as he was when they made him lick their feet, their sneakers, and even spat into his mouth.

Lady Susan loves to wear her sneakers. She loves them because they are comfortable but today she found out there was another reason why she wanted to wear them. She had been pissed at this guy and in her anger, she trampled and humiliated him with her sneakers. She even got him to lick them. Thereafter, she realized there was something else she could use her sneakers for and she loved it.

Looking sexy and gorgeous, this mistress knew that this guy was infatuated with her. And she took advantage of that to have fun at his expense. The mistress felt that he was the sort of person she could use to have fun. And she did so. She got him to lick her feet as well as her sneakers and she did not care how he took it. She lied to him that it turned her on and that made him lick her sneakers.

Mistress Catherine knew how clean her slave was and she wanted to use that fact to humiliate him and to make him pissed. She used her dirty sneakers to step on the white carpet and knew that she would make it dirty. The mistress then let him see what he had done and she laughed and was happy at how he was angered. But he could do nothing about it however angry he was.

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