Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Princess Natalie was interested in dominating this guy and she did it with her sneakers. He was made to lick her sneakers and when he was done, the mistress facesat on him as a reward for licking her sneakers. She smothered him and he loved how her ass and pussy smelled and he was turned on despite the fact that he was not breathing well and her weight made it a little painful.

Mistress Zephy had plans with this guy but he kept forgetting them and the mistress was angered by that. She wanted the guy to pull up his socks and stop forgetting everything. She turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick her sneakers and her bare feet to send a message that she meant what she said and he had to change or he would face worse.

This guy wanted to gain favor with mistress Zephy but she did not feel his vibe but she did not tell him that. Instead, the mistress flirted with him and got him to think that she was interested in him. Mistress Zephy then gave him instructions of what would turn her on and that is how she sat on a chair and had him lick and smell her sneakers while masturbating.

This guy was used to bullying other people but he had never gotten a taste of his own medicine. That is what he got today when he tried to mess with mistress Lena. He thought she would be scared of him and would beg her for mercy or cry. But instead, she turned on him and she choked him with her socks as she shoved them into his mouth and she also had him lick her socks as well as her sneakers. The mistress also kicked him on the face.

This mistress had a husband who was an excessive masturbator and she had to find ways to make him stop as he did not seem to want to stop when she talked to him. So the mistress did what she does best and she used her sneakers to trample him. She was great at trampling and she knew that was the best way to do it. So she trampled his dick until he felt it would get torn.

This guy was a sissy and mistress Gaia did not want anything to do with him and she did not want to be associated with him. That is why she had to beat the shit out of him and she chose to it with her sneakers. This was after she had made him kneel down while he wore only a thong. She then trampled him with the sneakers before she chased him away.

This guy did not know how to use his dick properly yet he had a big one. The mistress had to find a way to dominate him so that he learned to use it the proper way. That is why the mistress chose to use her sneakers to crush and trample his dick hoping it would work. And she was shocked when it worked like she had imagined it would.

Mistress Patricia wanted the secrets she knew that this guy had. But he had refused to give them to her and now she had to get them out of him by force. The mistress trampled him after she had forced him to undress and she made sure that he was in enough pain that he volunteered the information herself and she did not have to ask him for it again.

Mistress Nicole and mistress Selena wanted to test this girl slave and they did it using their smelly socks, their bare feet as well as with their sneakers. The mistresses had her lick their bare feet, lick their smelly socks and lastly the mistresses made her lie down and endure being trampled by the mistresses. She tried her best not to cry and they were impressed at how she handled everything.

This mistress does not like people who masturbate because according to her it shows that they are lazy in relationships and they look for the easy way out. So she trampled her slave cruelly and painfully while he was naked and she made sure he learned that she did not want him to jerk off again. He promised her that he would never do it again. She believed him and stopped trampling him.

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