Sneakers Girls

Girls show off their sneakers and dominate you

Madame Marissa realized that this guy wore her sneakers without her knowledge or permission. She did not like that. The mistress had to make sure that he would not do any such thing again. So she wore the same sneakers and she used them to crush him from head to toe. The pain he felt sent the message to him and he promised never to wear her sneakers again.

When these mistresses tried to watch a movie from this laptop, it kept freezing and hanging. They did not like it and they took out their anger and their frustration out on it. They crushed it with their sneakers and they made sure it was totally destroyed before they ordered a new one which worked perfectly. It was brought in record time and the mistresses enjoyed using it for work and for leisure.

Mistress Anastasia wanted to make this guy learn to stay in his lane and she made sure that he did by making him clean her sneakers with his tongue. The mistress did it slowly and enjoyed dominating him for fun. She had no doubt that he would learn his lesson and that he would never mess with her again. He apologized after she was done with him and she let him go.

Goddess Kayla wanted to scare her slave because she loved doing that to people for her own fun. She also wanted her slave to be scared because she was sure that he would be more obedient and focused if he was scared of her than if he was not. It was a lot of fun as she described what she would do to him using her sneakers as well as socks.

Lady Shay wanted to scare her slave shitless so she did it with her shrinking threat. The mistress described what she was willing to do to him with her sneakers to teach him a lesson he would never forget. The mistress could tell that her threat was working and she was satisfied that the slave would never disobey her or do anything she did not approve of because he feared what she would do to him.

Mistress Ann needed to tame this loser and she did it with her sneakers. The mistress was wearing her sneakers so all that she did was to have him kneel down and lick the dirty soles of her sneakers. It was not optional for him and he had to do what the mistress asked him. The humiliation made him learn to respect and obey her at all times to avoid being punished.

Mistress Heidi and her friend mistress Heather felt that their slave was too lazy and he had to be tamed. So the mistresses did what they do best and they used sneakers to put him in his place. He was forced to lick their soles and endure being trampled among other ways of humiliating him. He never thought it could get there but it did and he had no choice but to comply.

Mistress Avril was pissed that her girlfriend had lied to her. She felt that it was a big deal as her friend knew her stand when it came to lying. That she had done it deliberately was not ok with her and she had to punish her for it. So she forced her to lick her sweaty and smelly sneakers which she did with a little protest. She never lied again.

After she removed her sneakers, this mistress noticed that they were smelly. She had smelly shoes, smelly socks and smelly feet. She then asked her slave why her sneakers and her socks smelled and yet he was the one who was in charge of cleaning them. When he fumbled in his answer, she asked him to lick them and smell them as punishment for not cleaning them as well as he should.

Lady Fenja had advised this guy but he had ignored her. He acted as if he knew what to do but he did not. The mistress was pissed that he made an obvious mistake because he did not want to do what she had instructed him to do. He had to face the consequences of his actions and that is why she kicked him in the balls using her sneakers.

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